Zabbix 1.8 Network Monitoring Cover PageYesterday, probably many people who follow this blog,  will be asked why i’ve wrote this post

Now i’m going to explain the reason.

Many times unexpected things happen and fortunately sometimes they are really nice. A few days ago I received a nice email from Sandeep Patil of Packt Publishing and he was asking to me if i would like take a look over their book about Zabbix.
As first I thought it wasn’t a real email and wondered: “Why Sandeep Patil has just contacted me to review this book?”

After a few i realized that the mail was real and i’ve received my personal copy of  “Zabbix 1.8 Network Monitoring”, with the customized footer 🙂

I just got the book I started devour page after page.

Personally I wrote two plug-in check-ora and orabbix both made to monitor in depth Oracle and integrate data within Zabbix. I work continuously on zabbix in an environment that has more than 270 servers monitored with zabbix; we use zabbix to monitor infrastructure, services, work load, application performance, response time of services, but my experience is nothing compared to Rihards Olups.

It ‘s the first time that i come contacted to review a book, but the most exciting thing is that i need review a book on zabbix!

The author is working on zabbix for many years (since 2001) and has joined Zabbix SIA.

The thing that is surprising on this book is how  it is wrote, in a simple and detailed way.

Very often people who are very inside an argument, that know him thoroughly, can explain in simple and straightforward their work, mostly because simple fact that many information are considered “already acquired” and so for the author they don’t need explanation.

Sometime this book is too detailed for me too! but I’m more or less really inside on the argument, however chapter about argument that I don’t use every day are FANTASTIC  because you find everything inside without begin to search on forum, internet or googoling around many sites!!

I love “tips” that are inside every chapter are really usefull.

I continuing my reading and i will put more info on it.

For all people that want try his taste here is available a free chapter titled “Getting Your First Notification”.

Stay tuned!!

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