admin on January 12th, 2014

I am very happy as I am getting a lot of positive feedback about the “Mastering Zabbix” book.

I would like to share with my followers some of them. They are coming from the Zabbix group on Linkedin in this thread.

Bought and I’ve found many useful information and tips.
Good work, a must have for sysadmin and Certified Specialist.

Very good book on mastering Zabbix, nice chapters on DB partitioning, proxies and H/A. Must be hold by all Zabbix Admin.

Just purchased the e-book: lots of useful information about advanced Zabbix configurations and scenarios, mostly not covered by official documentation. Great work!

Many positive feedback are also coming by e-mail and this website.

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admin on December 27th, 2013

I am pleased to announce that my new book “Mastering Zabbix” book is now published and available from all the major distributors.

You can find the book on Packt Publishing web site,,  O’Reilly and Safari Books Online!

admin on November 30th, 2013

It’s time to unveil the cover of an in interesting upcoming book.

I am pleased to announce that a new Zabbix mastering book is available in preorder from all the major distributors.
I wrote this book together with Stefano Kewan Lee. This is just an heads up more details will follow!

The book is available for preorder on Packt Publishing web site,,, amazon.itamazon.deBarnes&Nobles and soon at O’Reilly and Safari Books Online!

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admin on November 5th, 2013

It seem that svn on sourceforge had an issue, and all my project are reverted to an older snapshot, a quite old snapshot to be honest…

Anyway to enable everyone to easily download the source code I have added a link on the download page.

This should respond to all the source code request that I received lately.




admin on September 27th, 2013


New features added on this release:

  • support for Sybase ASE

this extension has been developed with the effort of:

Gustavo Tonini

Gustavo thank you for all your work!!!

You can download DBforBIX 0.6.1 here

The complete diagram of the supported platform is the following:

DBforBIX architecture

Please referred to the wiki for the official documentation.


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