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Orabbix was made to monitor oracle instances with zabbix, with this you are going to acquire data from every oracle instances that you want to monitor and then zabbix server is going to produce graphs and collect data. For most of data collected are present some trigger that send mail for each trouble funded or performance problem. It’s incredibly useful to collect data and produce SLA or to have a workload history of your DB.


What Orabbix actually keep under his control:

  1. DBVersion (and relative validity of package)
  2. Archive ( archive log production with relative trend)
  3. EventWaits (monitor Files I/O,single block read, multiblock read, direct path read,SQLNet messages,  Controlfile I/O,LogWrite)
  4. HitRatio (monitor Hit Ratio on Trigger, Tables/Procedures, SQLArea,Body)
  5. Logical I/O (monitor Logical I/O values of : Current Read, Consistent Read, Block Change)
  6. PGA
  7. SGA (in particolar: Fixed Buffer, Java Pool, Large Pool, Log Buffer,Shared Pool,Buffer Cache)
  8. Physical I/O (Redo Writes,Datafiles Writes,Datafiles Read)
  9. SharedPool (Pool Dictionary Cache, Pool Free Memory, Library Cache,Sql Area ,Misc.)
  10. Pin Hit Ratio (monitor Hit Ratio on Trigger, Tables/Procedures, SQLArea,Body)
  11. Session/Processes (monitor Sessions and processes)
  12. Session (Active Session, Inactive Sessions, System Session)

For installation instruction please read this page.