I’ve implemented this easy way to keep monitored the health of your standby’s databases.
I use this because you don’t have a way to check if there is a block corruption on standby databases until they became essential for your disaster recovery.
i use rman on each standby database:

on a .bat program

rman target / nocatalog @rman_check_logical_database.rms msglog rman_check_logical_database.log

and the rman script is:

run {
# Andrea Dalle Vacche
# BACKUP VALIDATE ver. 1.0 19/07/2010
backup validate check logical database;

I’ve put this “.bat” on a scheduled task that run every day and after i execute this query on standby:

select * FROM v$database_block_corruption;

NOTE: (got from oracle literature) The V$DATABASE_BLOCK_CORRUPTION view indicates which blocks in a datafile were marked corrupt since the most recent BACKUP  or BACKUP VALIDATE command was run.

So if the query don’t return rows is everything right, otherwise you’ll get the block/blocks that is/are corrupted.

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