It’s been a long time since my last software publication, anyhow I’m here with a brand new release.
Please note that this release is not compatible with the previous one and must be considered as a BETA.
I’ve done a lot of refactoring and coding, now the code is more elegant and more maintainable. Also I’ve moved the query files to xml with quite a few improvements. Now is finally possible retrieve all the multi column items and the multi row query in an elegant way.
Just to provide an example the query that follow here extract all the fileds and send them as Zabbix items:

<query time=“600” item=maxcount[%1]>SELECT name,value FROM v$parameter WHERE name IN (‘processes’,’sessions’)</query>

Is going to generate the items oracle.maxcount[processes] and oracle.maxcount[sessions] with a single query.
Now is also more readable the period between one sample and the other one in this example every 600 seconds you’ll have your item refreshed (as specified with time=”600″).
I’ve also moved all the code to GitHub, in order to simplify the maintenance and collaboration.
The project is hosted here:
In the next days I’ll update the documentation, most likely I’ll add, for consistency, a proper wiki to github.



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