I’m adding more and more functionality to DBforBIX2, this new version has been re-factored again a bit and between the new feature you find:

  • Zabbix JSON protocol now back in the trunk, with multi-item supported.
  • Brand new set of library adopted in order to update the project with the last version of:
    • Apache DBCP2
    • Apache Common
    • Apache Codec
    • Apache Lang3
    • Common Pool2
  • Persistent Stack

Let me spend some words about the Persistence, this can be enabled per database so you need to specify:

This will enable DBforBIX to store the item directly on the file-system, for persistence. So doing a practical example if your Zabbix server is, for some reason, unavailable the item acquired from the DB will be stored on the filesystem. Currently this is an experimental feature, not deeply tested and then not production ready. Anyway as best practice since the number collected can quickly grown on the filesystem is better to enable this feature ONLY for the critical databases. That said the item will be now stored on /opt/dbforbix/temp directory, as soon as the Zabbix is back available all the item stored there will be sent and removed from the filesystem.
The main pros of this solution are:

  1. the number of itmes can quickly grown for a long downtime of the server.
  2. the is no way at the moment to specify a different location for this temporary persistent stack

When I have a bit more time I’ll move the persistence in an internal database in order to avoid the high number of files generated when Zabbix is not accessible.

The project is hosted here: https://github.com/smartmarmot/DBforBIX.

I’m also updating the configuration you can find here: http://www.smartmarmot.com/wiki/index.php?title=DBforBIX2



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