I’m adding more and more functionality to DBforBIX2, this new version has been re-factored again a bit and between the new feature you find:

  • Improved Connection Pooling with Apache DBCP 2.2.
  • The items that can’t be sent are now stored in an  application embedded database

This new persistence layer can be enabled per database so you need to specify:
The only configuration required to make it work is the application parameter:
# Persistence Database Directory

This will enable DBforBIX to store the item directly in the application embedded database (made with H2).
That said doing a practical example if your Zabbix server is, for some reason, unavailable the item acquired from the monitored DBs will be stored in the application embedded database.
I’ve decided to move all the persistence in a database because of the high number of items that are getting saved in your file system. Simply to me wasn’t elegant nor the ideal solution.
This solution drastically reduce the number of files saved in your disk.

The project is hosted here: https://github.com/smartmarmot/DBforBIX.

I’m also updating the configuration you can find here: http://www.smartmarmot.com/wiki/index.php?title=DBforBIX2


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