It’s been a long time since my last software update, anyhow I’m happy to share an improved version of DBforBIX.
What’s new here? Well now, starting from this version, DBforBIX act as a Zabbix Proxy, this means that now you have the full control of your monitoring agent directly from the Zabbix’s consolle!
This is a quite big improvement, and I definitely needs to say thank you to Andrey for his good work!
Currently the persistence database is not yet active, mainly because of the huge refactoring and coding work done.

As soon as I can I’ll bring back the persistence to this new project.
Please note that this version is completely incompatible with the previous one.

For a better explanation of how configure it and use it please refer the github wiki pages of the project.

You of can follow the project on github. Stay tuned!

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