A new version of DBforBIX is available for download here:


A special thanks goes to “littlecong” for his feedback !!!

We still need feedback on this release then please feel free to share it and comment this post!

This version is a quite different version and even the configuration files are now changed unfortunately is not 100% compatible with DBforBIX 0.6.

NOTE: it is a BETA version not yet production ready and not fully tested, then please let me know in case of issues.

11 Comments on DBforBIX V.2 beta3 is now available!

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  3. Ronald Rood says:

    Hi Andrea,
    I was reading items/oracle.xml and found this interesting:
    SELECT DISTINCT instance_name FROM v$instance

    Maybe I am missing something but this like a constant output. Was your intention to discover instances that are running. In that case it could be smarter to user v$active_instances.
    v$instance only has the instance where your session is in.
    gv$instance has all instances in the instance group where you happen to be in and
    v$active_instances lists all instances that are running in any instance group.

    Ronald – who is willing to help with making dbforbix even better.

  4. Ronald Rood says:

    Trying to start dbfoxbix v2 beta-3 I get
    /dbforbix.sh start
    11/03/2015 09:57:58 15538 jsvc error: Invalid option -procname
    11/03/2015 09:57:58 15538 jsvc error: Cannot parse command line arguments
    I have: Jsvc version 1.0.1
    Does dbforbix require a specific version of jakarta-commons-daemon-jsvc be installed?

  5. Ronald Rood says:

    I finally got the beta-3 running. (I removed commons-daemon-1.0.15.jar and constructed the CLASS_PATH with
    CLASS_PATH=$(echo $(ls ${BASEDIR}/lib/*.jar)|sed “s/ /:/g”)
    Intention is to monitor oracle database. The database url is discovered but I can not find any proof of a connection to the database.

    /var/log/dbforbix.err gives:
    log4j:WARN No appenders could be found for logger (com.smartmarmot.dbforbix.config.Config).
    log4j:WARN Please initialize the log4j system properly.
    log4j:WARN See http://logging.apache.org/log4.....l#noconfig for more info.

    logs/dbforbix.log gives:
    2015-03-11 12:09:10 INFO ### executing DBforBIX Version 2.0-beta: Wed Mar 11 12:09:10 CET 2015
    2015-03-11 12:09:10 DEBUG running with: [-a, start, -b, /home/rrood/tmp]
    2015-03-11 12:09:10 INFO using config file ./conf/config.properties
    2015-03-11 12:09:10 DEBUG Config:

    BaseDir: .
    LogLevel: ALL
    LogFile: ./logs/dbforbix.log
    LogFileSize: 1MB

    — Zabbix: zbx-001:10051
    — Database: ORACLE:jdbc:oracle:thin:@dbs-001:1521/db01 null

    2015-03-11 12:09:10 INFO Starting DBforBIX Version 2.0-beta
    2015-03-11 12:09:10 DEBUG starting sender thread
    2015-03-11 12:19:59 DEBUG Parsing config file: ./conf/config.properties

    In the old version of dbforbix there was a variable that should have the value of a hostname in zabbix…. Is that the same now?
    What to check next?

  6. Ronald Rood says:

    How can I get more debug logging?
    I copied the log4j.config from 0.6 and the last logline now changed from
    2015-03-11 12:09:10 DEBUG starting sender thread
    2015-03-12 20:51:52,264 [ZabbixSender] DEBUG com.smartmarmot.dbforbix.zabbix.ZabbixSender – starting sender thread
    2015-03-12 20:51:52 DEBUG starting sender thread

    Not a single logline after this 🙁
    What do I need to enter in log4j.properties to make – for example – AbstractAdapter.java using the log?

    I am no Java specialist. I need a little help getting this going. There is a good chance there is some simple config error and I am sure the program logs this ….. how do I get dbforbix to make a complete log?

  7. Brian Silverwood says:

    I appear to be having the same issue as Ronald. I appear to have everything set up and running (v2 beta3). I see my DBs and Zabbix server in the log file, but nothing happens afterwards.

  8. Ronald Rood says:

    what I did was import the project in eclipse, compiled it. It ran immediatly after that. Copied the java app to the server and it was OK.