I’ve received from Johan Nilsson a nice way to check   the failed scheduled jobs .
He sent to me a nice query to do that, the query is the following:

  • For Oracle 10g and Oracle 11i:

broken_jobs.Query=select * from
(  select job_name, count(*) “failures” ,status
from dba_scheduler_job_log
where log_date > sysdate-1
and status != ‘SUCCEEDED’
and status is not null
group by job_name, status
union all
select what,failures,’Status: ‘||decode(broken, ‘Y’,’Broken’,’N’,’Working’)
from dba_jobs
where failures > 0 )


  • For earlier versions:

broken_jobs.Query=select job,what,failures,’Status: ‘||decode(broken, ‘Y’,’Broken’,’N’,’Working’)
from dba_jobs
where failures > 0

and we need to add a default value when “no data found”


After that you need to add the Item too on  Oracle’s template and the relate trigger that will go on fire if there is something that is different from “none”

on next release I’m going to include this new feature.

Thank you Johan for your contribute!






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