This post is for all that continue to have problem with “dot” and “comma” on query.

I mean for all that have result from query with “.” and “,” excanged please try this way:

add an option to jvm:

  • -Duser.language=en_US

or apply this other one option:

  • -Duser.language=en

I say that because seems that there is a bug on java jvm on windows and ignore “locale” set inside Orabbix.

Inside Orabbix locale is set so:

Locale.setDefault( new Locale( “en”, “US” ) );

but some people continue to have some problem.

With this way you are going to solve all trouble about dot and comma excange.

You can modify the run.bat like this one :

java  -Duser.language=en -Dlog4j.configuration=./conf/ -jar orabbix-0.9.1.jar start ./conf/config.props

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