Orabbix is becoming every day more stable 🙂

I’m using this on production servers on RedHat EL 5.3 , with zabbix server 1.6.6, if someone can try on zabbix server 1.8.1  i’ll be happy to receive a feedback.

On this release:

  • Modified the version query now return :

– DB_NAME = <dbname> – INSTANCE_NAME = <instancename>

– SERVERNAME = <server.example.com> – SERVERADDRESS = <>
CATALOG Oracle Database Catalog Views VALID
CATJAVA Oracle Database Java Packages VALID
CATPROC Oracle Database Packages and Types VALID
EXF Oracle Expression Filter VALID
JAVAVM JServer JAVA Virtual Machine VALID
ORDIM Oracle interMedia VALID
OWM Oracle Workspace Manager VALID
RUL Oracle Rules Manager VALID
XDB Oracle XML Database VALID

as you can see i’ve added this information: DB_NAME INSTANCE_NAME SERVERNAME SERVERADDRESS. DB_NAME and INSTANCE_NAME can be different just in case of RAC or DATAGUARD configuration.

  • Modified how retrieve the values from resultset now is supported an output with more column and more rows
  • Database are removed dynamically this mean that you can add and remove database without restart the daemon.
  • Founded a little bug on connection to database, there was a connection that was idle and never used now is fixed.

New release available at:


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