Orabbix 0.9.1 is out!
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In this release there is just a little but really nice improvement:
Now Orabbix retrieve the connection, once has get the connection to database execute a query like “select sysdate from dual” this just to pubblish a green dot on zabbix if database is alive, if DB is Alive i send “1” to Zabbix Server, and if ALIVE Orabbix goes ahead with all database checks.
This pros is just to exclude an useless execution of queryes on database that
are unavailable.
On zabbix template I’ve added “alive” that register if a database is alive or not.
This is really useful e.g. to calculate a SLA so you can put database availability on your SLAS.
Other than i’ve added a trigger if Alive is 0 a trigger send a mail that database is not available.
Alive is also useful because there is another trigger connected with.
This new trigger is “no data received from orabbix” that is incredibly useful because simply “sum” the value retrieved from zabbix and if the sum is less than 1 on 10 minutes zabbix send an email. I consider 10 minute the maximum acceptable time between a run of Orabbis to anotheone (you can change an spcify a different schedule con config.props)
(Thank’s to Thiago for this  hint)
so if Orabbix is not working you are going to have a new mail.
Orabbix is freely available and downloadable from here or on sourceforge as usual.

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