On this release I’ve added more and more informations on error,
I’ve added default values for:
  • MaxWait
  • MaxIdle
  • MaxActive
  • OrabbixDaemon.Sleep
  • OrabbixDaemon.MaxThreadNumber (this one is calculated and based from number of monitored databases)
in case that Orabbix can’t read values from config properties file (because are missing or invalid) the daemon will go ahead
New features:
  • you can specify for each database different values of:
  1. MaxWait
  2. MaxIdle
  3. MaxActive
specific for each database, so each database can have a different connection pool configuration.
Modified the template excluded all that is not strictly “Orabbix” from template (so i’ve removed cpu performances etc.. and other tests where data don’t come from Orabbix)

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