Dear Followers,
on this release i’ve correct some bugs:
  • Fixed a minor bug about quantity of thread generated.
  • Fixed problem concerning wrong Locale setting on server
  • Added support for more than one Zabbix Server.
  • Completely rewrote the “sender” Object
  • Improved performances
  • Tested and completely compatible with Zabbix 1.8.2
Now orabbix support more than one Zabbix server so you can easily migrate from one version to zabbix to  anotherone and keep both live, or you can have a Zabbix server that act as “backup” etc…

You can download directly from my website simply registering and downloading the Orabbix 0.9 or on sourceforge as usual.

Sources are already committed on sourceforge.

Stay Tuned! News are coming!

Pleas if you like this project please consider to donate, so you are going to support this project.

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