Orabbix 1.1.0 has been released.

On this release I’ve fixed ¬†some bugs founded from JVALENZANI


Orabbix 1.1.0 has a new and mostly complete installation instruction available in pdf.

I’ve moved to more standard library. And I’ve utilized ¬†apache library.
I’ve modified query according to post
and as suggestet from Brian H. resultset is protected from null values
Thank you Brian H.
Added a parameter
<QueryName>.Period=10 that introduce a period execution between two executions of the specified query
value are expressed in minute.If not specified any value use the default value of 5 minute
Added parameter
<QueryName>.Active=[true|false] if true query is executed otherwise skipped
Added a queryfile to each databases spcified by
so each database can have his own customized parameter files.
<QueryName>.NoDataFound default value if no data found
<QueryName>.RaceConditionValue if this value match the returned from “RaceConditionQuery” QueryName is executed otherwise skipped

Software is available for download here

and on sourceforge as usual
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Event Waits
Phisical I/O
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