What Orabbix actually keep under his control:

  1. DBVersion (and relative validity of package)
  2. Archive ( archive log production with relative trend)
  3. EventWaits (monitor Files I/O,single block read, multiblock read, direct path read,SQLNet messages,  Controlfile I/O,LogWrite)
  4. HitRatio (monitor Hit Ratio on Trigger, Tables/Procedures, SQLArea,Body)
  5. Logical I/O (monitor Logical I/O values of : Current Read, Consistent Read, Block Change)
  6. PGA
  7. SGA (in particolar: Fixed Buffer, Java Pool, Large Pool, Log Buffer,Shared Pool,Buffer Cache)
  8. Physical I/O (Redo Writes,Datafiles Writes,Datafiles Read)
  9. SharedPool (Pool Dictionary Cache, Pool Free Memory, Library Cache,Sql Area ,Misc.)
  10. Pin Hit Ratio (monitor Hit Ratio on Trigger, Tables/Procedures, SQLArea,Body)
  11. Session/Processes (monitor Sessions and processes)
  12. Session (Active Session, Inactive Sessions, System Session)

Orabbix Logo
DB Version
Shared Pool
Session and Processes
Pin Hit Ratio
Hit Ratio
Event Waits
Phisical I/O
Logical I/O

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