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I’ve released today Postbix 1.2.0-RC1 available on download area

Postbix 1.2.0 is based on code of Orabbix 1.2.0-RC1 so is really similar

I’ve published as well a new version of Installation Instructions for PostBIX

Here there is the official thread on zabbix forum

Major changes of this release:

  • Improved scalability and multithreading now Postbix can scale very easily  Now controls executed on databases  are independent of each other I removed almost completely sequential procedure on software so bottlenecks are higly reduced

Added parameters:

  1. <QueryName>.Trim=[true|false] if true the resultset is trimmed (default is true)
  2. <QueryName>.AddSpaces=[true|false] if true the add a space between columns of resultset(default is true)
  3. <QueryName>.ExcludeColumnsList=[1,2,3,..n]= exclude from result set the 1st, the 2nd etc.. columns from resultset

Now PostBIX use  jdbc4 for PostgeSQL 9.0

NOTE: This is a Candidare Release


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