In a large enviroment like we are there are many groups that use zabbix and it’s used as first level infrastructure monitor and for an indeep and storicized monitor.
Nowdays people that monitor the first level of infrastructure are used to look the “Dashboard” that is really useful to have a “qualitative” view of the state of all the monitored systems. The problem appear when people of first level monitoring continue to CALL YOU to ask “Do you know who is the responsible of this server ?” for this reason I’ve wrote this patch.
With this patch you need to populate “extended properties” inside each ┬áhost (anyway is useful to have in one system all the data about your monitored infrastracture) the responsible, the number to call if you see an error, the reference of and service mail etc..
So people that see in “last 20 issue” a trouble just need to clich over ┬áservername and in the section links they are going to find “inventory” with this link you are dragged into inventory of the selected server and the first level will find all the infos that they need and YOU DON’T RECEIVE MORE BORING PHONE CALLING (WOOOW)
The Patch is the following:

the patch is a modify on line 747 of “include/”

$menus.= “[‘”.S_LATEST_DATA.”‘,\”javascript : redirect(‘latest.php?groupid=0&hostid=”.$trigger[‘hostid’].”‘)\”, null,{‘outer’ : [‘pum_o_item’],’inner’ : [‘pum_i_item’]}],”;
$menus = rtrim($menus,’,’);

and just add this line:

$menus.= “[‘”.S_INVENTORY.”‘,\”javascript : redirect(‘hostprofiles.php?hostid=”.$trigger[‘hostid’].”‘)\”, null,{‘outer’ : [‘pum_o_item’],’inner’ : [‘pum_i_item’]}],”;

so your file will be so:

$menus.= “[“.zbx_jsvalue(S_LINKS).”,null,null,{‘outer’ : [‘pum_oheader’],’inner’ : [‘pum_iheader’]}],”;
$menus.= “[‘”.S_LATEST_DATA.”‘,\”javascr

ipt : redirect(‘latest.php?groupid=0&hostid=”.$trigger[‘hostid’].”‘)\”, null,{‘outer’ : [‘pum_o_item’],’inner’ : [‘pum_i_item’]}],”;
$menus.= “[‘”.S_INVENTORY.”‘,\”javascript : redirect(‘hostprofiles.php?hostid=”.$trigger[‘hostid’].”‘)\”, null,{‘outer’ : [‘pum_o_item’],’inner’ : [‘pum_i_item’]}],”;
$menus = rtrim($menus,’,’);

the result is
like in picture:

New Link

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