I’ve found a bug inside a check_ora_sendtrap.sh on line 58:

echo ”       -s             for sqlplus login connection and return time in second”

in particular there was an escape character and the line appear so:

echo ”       -s             for sqlplus login connection and return time in seco

without a correct termination, pleas download the new release 1.2.2 at


Note: there’s a trouble when import the template of mine inside zabbix server 1.8.1 i don’t know why but happen just on this release. if you find an error like this:

Added new application Template_Oracle:Oracle
Added new item Template_Oracle:ALERTLOG
Added new item Template_Oracle:alertlog.warn
Added new item Template_Oracle:archive
Added new item Template_Oracle:audit


Added new item Template_Oracle:pinhitratio_

Incorrect key format ‘key_name[param1,param2,…]’
Internal zabbix error
No such monitored parameter (session) for host (Template_Oracle)
Unknown ZABBIX internal error
please remove entirelythis item:

<item type=”2″ key=”pinhitratio_table-proc” value_type=”0″>
<description>Pin hit ratio – TABLE/PROCEDURE</description>
<params>DSN=&lt;database source name&gt;\nuser=&lt;user name&gt;\npassword=&lt;password&gt;\nsql=&lt;query &gt;</params>
<snmp_oid>interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifInOctets. 1</snmp_oid>
and obviously rebuild manually this item by cloning another of the family pinhitratio* and changing his own name

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