Since I’ve been asked by some reader how they can actively and efficiently monitor a Zabbix Proxy I wrote this post.

The Zabbix proxy availability can be easily checked with the following item:
the Item type is “Zabbix internal
and the item key is “zabbix[proxy, “proxy unique name”, lastaccess]

Then I suggests to associate a trigger to this item and use fuzzytime() function.

This will check the availability of your proxy:
Another thing we need to keep under a watchful eye is the number of items that are waiting to be sent to Zabbix server.

This can be done with another zabbix internal item with the following item key:
The item return the integer number of values in proxy history table waiting to be sent to the server.
Please note that this item is supported starting with Zabbix 2.2.0. and is not supported by server.

Also this Item is a good candidate for a trigger, here please check your normal behavior and tune your trigger right over the baseline of your queue.

Anyway I have uploaded a template with those and other useful items.

The template is available here.

1 Comment on Zabbix Proxy Checks

  1. Ronald Rood says:


    for a regular zabbix admin something very simple, for a starter it was a bit confusing.


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