admin on April 15th, 2011

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZABBIX! ZABBIX this year celebrates his own 10 years! His official birthday is April 7th so it is Aries, however the conference and the birthday’s party will be made on 30 September and October 1 on Zabbix’s land (Riga). Anyhow more info are available here  

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Orabbix 1.2.0-RC1 has been released!! On this release: Modified as suggested from Sean, Session’s graphs now “Active Session” is at the bottom of the stack so you can see how close you are to reaching the trigger. Improved scalability and multithreading now Orabbix can scale very easily Now controls executed on databases  are independent of […]

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admin on December 17th, 2010

Orabbix 1.1.0 has been released. On this release I’ve fixed  some bugs founded from JVALENZANI Orabbix 1.1.0 has a new and mostly complete installation instruction available in pdf. I’ve moved to more standard library. And I’ve utilized  apache library. I’ve modified query according to post and as suggestet from Brian H. resultset is […]

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admin on August 31st, 2010

Orabbix 1.0.3 is out On this release i’ve added: one items dbsize that shows the size of database in MB one item for db files size that graphs the size of files in MB added more log information on error correct archivelog query to run on every databases added a default value for uptime when […]

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In a large enviroment like we are there are many groups that use zabbix and it’s used as first level infrastructure monitor and for an indeep and storicized monitor. Nowdays people that monitor the first level of infrastructure are used to look the “Dashboard” that is really useful to have a “qualitative” view of the […]

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